Like the idea of family game night but don’t have a ton of time? Me too. I found Ubongo, which is for 1-4 players, ages 8 years and up. It’s a geometric puzzle game that is a fun way of spatial learning. You race against each other and a timer to figure out interlocking puzzle pieces. Playing time for a round is 15 minutes, so it doesn’t go on forever (like Monopoly). You can always play more rounds if you like. In my case, I have a daughter with dyslexia — so games with a lot of reading are challenging for her. Ubongo doesn’t have any reading, yet it has great brain teasers for kids. This has become a favorite for her — and my whole family. It sells for about $36, and you can buy it on Amazon or Target

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Kysa E
​Born and raised in Minnesota Kysa has always been very outgoing and ready for new adventures. Her obsession of organizing her mother's daycare and traveling lead Kysa to study interior design in NYC. Shortly after graduation she got married, and had her daughter. Kysa stayed...
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