Need a game all the kids (and adults) will like? It’s not new. It’s not flashy. In fact, it is distinctively primary colors. But it has stood the test of time and temperaments. Twister! I fell in love with the game, literally, when my man and I played while courting. For this purpose, I can’t think of a better tool to assess a mate’s flexibility of body and personality. Now, when the kids cry boredom on playdates, I pull it out and usually act as spinner. It seems simple yet exercises lots. For younger kids, it practices gross motor and left/right. For older kids, problem-solving, because there is the obvious and then, often, an alternative way to hit instructions. One of my nine year old’s friends straightened up at the end of a playdate and said, “You play dirty Twister.” There’s a “spinner’s choice” possibility and, hey, I have to amuse myself on playdates, too. That T-shaped spot on the spinner sends excitement through me like I was just dating my man again. I use the opportunity to get the kids to know each other better by touching their right hand to another’s left ear or high fiving a neighbor. Dirty or friendly, I ask you? I brought Twister along with other tried and true games to a homeless shelter and as it does at home, some of those kids, shy or bored to start, made it their afternoon goal to play dirtier than me.

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Jen C
Jen is the mom of three children and has lived in New York City for 20 years. She finds family life exhilarating and extremely challenging in NYC, but she’d rather live there and share the exhilaration and challenges with all of her family and many good friends than anywhere...
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