The “Sole Survivor” in the Group

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My son calls himself the “sole survivor”, the only one of his friends who did not get hit (yet) with the flu this winter. Yes, they were all vaccinated. But as too many people found out, this year’s vaccine didn’t do much by way of protection.
 The flu spread so rapidly here in New Jersey that some schools, from high school to elementary, had to close for days so custodians could clean the building. The flu hit another district’s bus drivers, so many needed to call in sick they didn’t have enough drivers to get the children to school! And tragically, three young children in my state have died from complications of the flu.
And we still have another month to go.
 So what makes my son so lucky, at least so far? He has had the flu before, when he was a baby, so he’s not one of the fortunate few who seem to be immune. I think he managed to avoid the bug for one simple reason. In his elementary school, I have always told him not to touch the bathroom door knob, but to use a paper towel to open the door. Now my son is just mature enough to hear my advice, and disciplined enough to follow it. I doubt I would have been so lucky with my older son.
 But in my younger boy’s school, which holds about 600 kids in grades K-5, he has often complained that the bathroom is “gross.” With some 300 young boys, I don’t doubt that.
 The reason for my suggestion is simply the door knob of a bathroom can be the dirtiest spot in that bathroom. People (kids) who use the bathroom and don’t wash, carry waste particles on their hands that transfer to everything they touch. Those hands grab the doorknob and voila, transfer to your tyke.
 Experts advise people to clean the areas that people touch in the home. Faucets, doorknobs and remotes typically have more germs than your toilet!
 So, Smartmamas, we have 4 more weeks to go! Let’s buckle down and get our kids through this flu season healthy and happy!

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