The Pros and Cons of Requesting Your Child’s Teacher

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It’s that time again! Another school year rolls around. And, whether your child is going into kindergarten or third grade, one thing weighs on you, who will your child’s teacher be? You have some in mind who would be awesome and also some you wish to stay clear of. So, you pick up the phone and  dial the office to put in your request. Well, as a teacher (and a mom), here are some pros and cons to consider beforehand.

The pros are you pick up the phone, request the teacher of your choice and get your way! Who doesn’t  love that! You have peace of mind because you feel your child is matched with someone who “gets it”. Then there are the cons. You don’t always “know” the other teachers available–some may be really great! Your child may end up having another teacher you didn’t want anyway if they switch classes for different subjects. You may  get labeled as “that pushy mom” who has to call the shots. Yikes! Teacher requests are a tricky subject in schools. Everyone has their own opinion about how to handle them.

I suggest calling first to become familiar with your school’s policy. Sometimes, requests have to be made prior to the new school year for planning purposes, or they aren’t honored at all. Some schools have a first come, first serve policy. Other times, you may have to physically enter the building and schedule a meeting with an administrator or school counselor to explain why you’re making a request. This can get pretty awkward. As a former classroom teacher, I suggest letting things unfold organically.  Trust me, your child will adapt and learn how to get along with all kinds of people. If you still want to move forward though, just  be informed about the pros and cons of the situation!

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