Swatch: The Girl Who Loved Color

Swatch: The Girl Who Loved Color
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Our family spends a lot of time at our amazing public library. Both of our boys usually walk away with stacks and stacks of books. I think the check-out limit is fifty, but they let us go over! Every now and then I throw a children’s book in the bag that I want to read with the boys. As a painter, I was immediately drawn to Swatch: The Girl Who Loved Color, mostly because it has such an interesting cover (this is one time it really is OK to judge a book by its cover!). My six-year-old is a budding artist, so I had a feeling he would love it…and boy, did he! He especially liked the movement and splashes of color. Swatch is a story of a fierce little girl who has a mutual respect with colors. One day she begins to capture them. Although they become beautiful objects behind glass, she is quickly reminded that the colors are wild like her and are meant to be free. Our three-year-old’s favorite part is when Yellowest Yellow becomes a lion (he likes to ROAR! too). This book is full of magical adjectives that personify the colors, delightful illustrations that will bring out creativity in even the most timid artists, and of course, amazing colors! I can’t wait to give a copy to one of our cousins, our very own Swatch, when she turns seven next week!

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