Stomach Bug, Begone!

oregano essential oil
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I stumbled on wild oil of oregano when a nasty stomach bug ripped through our family like a tornado. First was my older son, then me. I gave us both oregano oil once every hour (specific instructions in a moment). Presto! After 4 hours, both of us felt better. WOW. I’ve never seen anything — anything — kill off a stomach virus like this.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please do NOT take this oil straight. (Nor give it to your kids undiluted.) It will burn your mouth! Jini from, advises to take it this way: take a mouthful of water into your mouth and hold it. Tilt your head back and drop 5 drops of oil into your mouth, being careful not to get it on your lips. Swallow. Follow this immediately with another mouthful of water, and swallow that. If you’re giving it to your child, you can give them juice as a chaser to eliminate the intense oregano taste. Please note, I am not a doctor, so always do your own research.

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