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stitch fix
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Who has time to go shopping? Either you’re a mom who loves shopping, or you don’t. I am one of the moms who doesn’t love shopping but wants something fashionable. I was at a GNO (Girls Night Out), and a friend of mine had an amazing top on. Well, she is 5’9 with a perfect body, and everything looks good on her. (That’s another story.) The top she bought was from Stitch Fix. It was our conversation of the night.  The following day, I was online, filling out my profile to get my first Stitch Fix.  There is a lengthy process of questions about your style and how much you would like to spend. About a week or two later, you get your first box. (It’s like Christmas morning!)  I was so thrilled that everything fit, and I kept it all. However, I should have sent back one item but instead, I gave it to a friend for her birthday. (It was more her style than mine). Afterward, the company loves to hear your feedback before sending your next “fix”. LOVE THIS!

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