STEM TOY gift list for all ages

stem toys for all ages
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STEM toys are great gifts for all ages. STEM is a major push these days in the education of our children, so we thought it would be nice to give you a list of ideas that will help your child learn and will also be fun.


1. Osmo Genius kit: a great toy to practice math and spelling on the I-pad, it furthermore encourages visual thinking and gives your kids a chance to creative drawing

2. Sphero SPRK+ Robot: a toy for the whole family.

3. Kanoodle: a game that is perfect for developing problem solving and strategic thinking skills, it includes 101 puzzles so that will keep you and your kids busy.

4.Rush Hour: this is a great game that kids can play on their own. For the younger ones there are easier cards and for the older and even grown-ups the cards are more difficult. This really is a great game for the ages 5 and up.

5. Snap Circuits’ jr: This will entertain the kids for a good time, there are 100 experiments to make, so if your child is a fast circuit builder there is still enough to keep your kid entertained. It requires some good thinking skills.


6. Marble Run: My kids love the marble run, they make different constructions all the time and especially the youngest is fascinated by the marble making its way through.

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