Screen Smart Parenting

screen smart parenting
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I am an unwavering flip-phone carrier and general tech turtle. I thought I could continue this preference in parenting until I read Dr. Gold’s book, and she pointed out that it’s mainly because of my kids’ ages (under ten). In a matter of days, they will need and simply use information and social technology out of my view. Their social, academic and personal lives rely on the advantages, and yes, play chicken with the pitfalls, of technology. Dr. Gold’s book is a very accessible, very well-organized discussion of technology use by age. Her sound recommendations are based on child development, parenting style and the most compelling, albeit young, research. Last year, we came to the academic milestone of multiplication facts. My husband and I took turns drilling our 3rd grader old-school with flash cards and tables and losing our stuff. I had just finished Dr. Gold’s book and suggested, “What would be the big evil if we let our kid earn pirate points or something while learning the times table?” We gave her an iPad, and she cleared her quiz; no more hair lost. 

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