Schoolhouse Rock


I first saw Schoolhouse Rock when I was a kid, and never forgot the catchy tune “Conjunction Junction” that taught me about conjunctions. All the songs were catchy, in fact. Fast forward to when I became a mom of four kids. Our super cool, young babysitter told me, “There’s an awesome video you should get. It’s called Schoolhouse Rock.” Sure enough, my kiddos loved it as much as I did. Somehow, the animation is pretty timeless and the tunes are too. This DVD is naturally for kids and tweens, but honestly, the cartoon about how a bill gets passed (or vetoed) inWashington is pretty fantastic for teens to understand the basics of something very complex.

Schoolhouse Rock

Linda V
Linda is the mom of four children and three grown stepchildren. Previously, Linda worked as a broadcast journalist, as an anchor and correspondent at NBC News and Fox News Channel. She was a working mom with Baby #1, but when she got pregnant with #2, she decided to stay home...
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