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rent the runway
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Since the birth of my son, who is soon to be 9 years old, I haven’t had
enough special occasions to attend to justify my desire to wear a full
length beaded gown, with a draped back in shimmering gold. Especially
when the designer is Bagdley Mischka and the price tag is $1500!!
However, when one of my younger, fancier girlfriends announced she was
getting married in New Orleans, I knew I had to look fabulous.

Enter “Rent the Runway“, an online women’s clothing rental service. This
company takes the hassle out of finding the perfect designer dress by
providing all of the convenience of a brick and mortar store. They
thought ahead about sizing; plus they let users post pictures of themselves with rented
clothing and details about their experience. Shipping costs are
reasonable. They let you choose 1 additional size option in case one
of your selections doesn’t fit.  When the dress I rented went out of
stock, RTR called me a week before the wedding and helped me find a
great backup at a steep discount for my trouble as well as free returns.

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