Our Fashion Finds #6

mommy fashion finds
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Ruelala.com is a fashion website, where you can find designer brands for nice prices. To browse the website you will have to sign up with your email address but after that you will find some nice gems.

We picked a couple of last minute buys to bring on your summer vacation. Because it is always nice to dress up a little after a nice day outside at the pool, the beach or any other summer destination you are at. A jumpsuit is always an easy wear, you can make it look more chic by wearing heels, or just keep it simple by wearing flip flops or sneakers. If your jumpsuit has dark color, give the outfit some color by adding on some colorful accessories.

Today we are giving you a couple of ideas which accessories you can add to the jumpsuits. Remember the earrings we shared with you 2 weeks ago, those are great to combine with these jumpsuits as well.

All of these can be found on ruelala.com

  1. Halston: Jumpsuit
  2. Phenix: Dip Dye Cashmere Scarf
  3. Rachel Zoe: jumpsuit
  4. Akribos XXIV: Stainless Steel Porcelain Coated Watch
  5. Halston: blue Jumpsuit
  6. Hutch: Jumpsuit
  7. PANDORA: Silver & Honeysuckle Pink Leather Wrap Bracelet


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