Not Your Daughter’s Jeans

not your daughters jeans
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Sigh: parts of my body have migrated to other areas, i.e., downward. Between the sagging and two C-sections that resulted in “C-section belly,” finding a pair of jeans has become a colossal challenge.

I refuse to wear “mom jeans,” but low riders are out of the question. (I vividly recall that SNL skit that made fun of “mom jeans” because I saw myself in it. To be spoofed so accurately and brilliantly on SNL still makes me wince.)
Enter “Not Your Daughters Jeans.” At first, I was turned off by the name: too kitschy. I also was turned off by the price: $100 for a pair of jeans? Never!

But then I tried them on. They fit like a glove. The material is forgiving of my many bumps and bulges. The waist sits high enough to cover my C-section bulge, but not so high that I open myself up to ridicule. I bought one in every color, and incredibly, the black jeans are still a solid black after two years and hundreds of washings. And that’s being washed without turning the jeans inside out (I’m too lazy). The brown jeans have kept their color too.

The price is still high, but given the amount of wear these jeans have been put through, they are worth every penny.

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