Nighty Night HD

nighty night app
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Bear with me when I say for the umpteenth time that I’m generally opposed to screen time for toddlers. But sometimes we mamas need to keep our little ones focused on something so we can get something important done (like have a detailed conversation with the pediatrician) without being interrupted. During these moments, especially at the pediatrician’s office when a vaccination is looming—I do resort to sharing my iPad with my little ones. So I try to find the most wholesome apps possible. Nighty Night HD makes the cut. It’s a sweet, relaxing story about putting animals to bed. It’s interactive so you can show your tot where to press the screen, and they get the supreme satisfaction of helping a cute animal go to sleep. You (Mom or Dad) can choose to narrate the story, or let the recorded narrator do it (his voice is very soothing). Even if it’s not close to bedtime, my little ones have found this app both entertaining and relaxing.

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