Mother’s Day Gifts You’ll Love!

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And we’ve found the loveliest gifts for you. Don’t freak out when you see the green lipstick from Lipstick Queen! Your lips won’t turn green but will transform into a magical rosebud pink. One of my mom friends gave this gift to me and honestly, it’s what I use most. It’s just perfect when running out of the door to give a quick and easy sophisticated look. For those of you who worry about garrish looking lips–don’t! There’s no color overkill. My friend also gave me ‘Mornin’ Sunshine’ , a soft peach and coral blend. Both shades are great gifts to get.

Like many women in 2018, I’ve developed a soft spot for the beauty brand Rituals. Their body scrub is divine!

This year I got myself the Prisma jewelry tray,. It’s great for earrings I wear on a regular basis and it doesn’t hurt that it looks cute next to my bed. An added benefit is that it keeps longer earrings from becoming tangled which minimizes potential damage.

L’Occitane de Provence  is the French brand whose products always win! They remind me of vacations in the Provence of France. I chose a fragrant shower gel, that now with summer around the corner gives you a fresh summer start in the morning or a wonderful smell before you go to sleep.

The light pink heat pillow from the Australian brand, Tonic,  is on my wish list. I haven’t tried it yet but I can only imagine that it will feel great on my neck and shoulders once the kids are in bed and I actually have a minute to sit down and relax.

I hope these products will inspire you or more importantly your husband and children to get you something nice this Mother’s Day!

By the way moms, this is not a sponsored ad but really all things I love or would love to try!


  1. LIPSTICK QUEEN: Mornin’ Sunshine and Frog Prince lipstick

  2. Jewelery Holder: Prisma Bracelet and Earring Tray

  3. RITUALS: The Ritual of Sakura Scrub

  4. Tonic Australia: Heat Pillow

  5. L’Occitane: Verbena Shower Gel


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