Mother’s Day Gifts That Money Can’t Buy!

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Mother’s Day is slowly lurking in the Hallmark aisle and the jewelry section of your favorite store. It’s the one day a year when we are all supposed to show our mothers how much we love them with cutesy cards and gifts.

One day? Is that all that we get? Weren’t we pregnant for nine months? Somehow that math doesn’t add up!

Anyway, our significant others and children often shop before (sometimes even the night before!) the second Sunday in May to find us that perfect gift. They may even ask us what we want. When I’m asked, I often tell them that whatever they decide to give me is fine. Truly, it really is.

While some may say I’m missing a golden opportunity to have my family buy me a really nice gift, the truth is  the things I really want can’t be bought. If it’s something I truly and deeply want at a store, I’ll probably just go out and buy it myself and not wait until Mother’s Day for someone else to buy it for me!

With that said, I think many mothers are on the same page with the non-buyable gifts we really want. Here’s a look at my wish list. See if you agree…


One weekend morning that I can truly sleep like when I was 16-years-old. No alarms. No soccer games. No activities. Just me, my pillow, and my bed until whatever time I decide to wake up, not when someone else in my house decides it’s time.


One day that I don’t have to constantly tell my children to do the same thing (yet it still doesn’t get done). There are days I feel as though I must speak another language because my kids don’t listen. I’m sure I’m not alone here!


One day to not have to play referee between my kids. As much as I try not to get involved, there are times when this “momaree” needs to blow her whistle for a little time-out. I would like to hang up my whistle every now and again!


One hour the house will remain clean after I just finished cleaning it. An entire day would be too much to ask for, this I know. But, I don’t think one hour is that unreasonable, do you? It would just make feel as though my efforts were not in vain!

One uninterrupted phone conversation. Do you find that your children can be quiet or occupied for a good chunk of time, but as soon as you get on the phone they suddenly desire a three course meal or need you to reattach Barbie’s head that magically just fell off? While both of these are valid needs in the eyes of a child, why do you need to constantly interrupt me? I’m convinced that picking up a phone is child-speak for I need something…now.


While not being able to sleep and being constantly interrupted comes with being a mom, getting a free pass from it all is nice every once and awhile. Don’t you think? What better time than on Mother’s Day? You can keep your flowers and jewelry, give me some sleep, listen to me–I mean truly hear what I’m sayin and I’m a happy camper!


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