Saeeda R
Saeeda Ruffin-Daniels is a published author of two children's books, a missionary, and a mother of 12 wonderful children. An honors graduate of Seton Hall University, Saeeda loves pizza, traveling with her family, and sharing her knowledge and experience with other mothers. For Saeeda, the most "magical" part of homeschooling is experiencing the moment when a child discovers that they can read on their own.
Samantha K
Samantha (or Sam, as her close friends call her) is too modest to tell you this, but she’s a major brainiac. Trained as an engineer, she went on to become a corporate lawyer in New York City. But alas, she fell in love with her baby daughter and left the rat race to become a SAHM. Sam would say that she felt more confident in her lawyering skills than in her child-rearing ability, but as the years have passed she has found motherhood more fun and challenging than she had ever imagined.
Sana S
Sana is married to Ali with one daughter, Ayesha, who is 10-months-old. She is originally from Pakistan but now lives in Montreal, CA. She is a homemaker and a freelance writer with a passion for teaching. She is trying hard to stop being a perfect mom and to help other moms learn how to relax too!
Summer A
Summer is the proud mom of two lively kids, 3 1/2 year old Heath and 16 month old Autumn. Before becoming a mom, Summer earned a B.A. in Communication from Allegheny College. She got her Master's Degree in Marketing from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Summer is married to her best friend and golf partner, Bob Anderson. She is currently a part-time Executive Assistant and avid freelance writer. Summer loves to write on anything related to motherhood, coffee, golf and even some fictional stories. She currently resides in Pennsylvania with the hopes of continuing her writing career and raising her two kids.