KD is a single mother to three beautiful souls ranging from ages 6 to 23 years old. She loves to see the reaction on people's faces when she tells them that she has been birthing babies every decade of her adult life! She lives with her family in the legendary city of Brooklyn, NY where everyday is an adventure. When she is not mothering or recovering from her former life as a broadcast segment producer, she is hosting her own podcast, Sex on Sunday with KD, which focuses on sex, dating and relationships within communities of color.
Kelly F
Kelly was born and raised in the mid-west. She worked in the finance world in downtown Minneapolis, MN for 9 years immediately after graduating from college. Kelly got married in 2014 and had her first child, a son, in 2015. In 2016 she started a new career as a Special Education Teacher in St. Cloud, MN. Kelly enjoys interior decorating, photography and is a research/technology guru! She is usually the one friends and family go to when they need help finding information about something or a new piece of technology set up. Kelly enjoys using her love of research and technology to find products that are the best fit for her family!
Kerri I
Kerri is a wife of one, mother of one rambunctious toddler boy and two rescue pups, and works full-time as an engineer in the defense industry. She has bumbled her way through her first year+ of motherhood (and corresponding extended sleep deprivation) with the help of coffee and the advice of other mothers on the internet (not an exaggeration!). She has recently begun contributing to parenting-related content to help nurture two of her passions- growing the "sisterhood of motherhood" and writing! She occasionally blogs about motherhood, projects around her home, or whatever other topic comes to mind at her website,
Kristina C
Kristina C is an Emmy nominated TV News Producer turned freelance writer and blogger. Besides writing for various sites, she hosts her own blog, The Mommy Rundown, where she shares everything from funny parenting stories and advice to product reviews and giveaways. When she’s not writing, Kristina likes to spend time with her family, read, and go to the gym. Kristina has two girls, ages 5 & 7. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook!
Kysa E
​Born and raised in Minnesota Kysa has always been very outgoing and ready for new adventures. Her obsession of organizing her mother's daycare and traveling lead Kysa to study interior design in NYC. Shortly after graduation she got married, and had her daughter. Kysa stayed home for one year with her before realizing she wanted to be a working mother. She started her own organizing business and has grown it to be a successful organizing and staging company. ​