Chris Fives
Chris is the married mom of two spirited, lacrosse-playin' boys. In her single days, she got her kicks running Iron Man triathlons. Now her idea of a good time is two seconds to sit down!
Colleen H
Colleen was a lifelong Southern California girl until a few years ago when her, her hubby, and her mom (along with 3 dogs and 3 cats) moved to the Salt Lake City area of Utah. Married to her high school sweetheart for 34 years, she has 3 grown children, 1 girl age 29, and 2 boys ages 27 and 23, and has added her oldest son's best friend to the family after he went through hard times and family writing him off. She was a stay at home mom throughout their school years and was very involved with their education and after school activities. Their house is a house of laughter. Everyone is a comedian (or thinks they are), especially her hubby. Racing was and is a big part of their life. Whether it be motocross, circle track cars, drag boat racing or going to races of any kind as spectators. She now does freelance writing and social media management along with crafting and taking care of her largest child (hubby).