Meet the Team

Linda Greenberg

Linda is the mom of four children and stepmom to three grown stepsons. Her previous career as a journalist and filmmaker took her all over the world, but in 2005 she chucked it all to stay home with her kids. She has her hands full with two daughters and two sons! She is certain she would be lost without her mom friends — they are the ones she turns to for advice and support. These same friends were the inspiration for this website because we all need to be able to talk things through with other gals hurtling down the same rapids!

Michelle Horner

Michelle is not a mom yet; she’s a school teacher, tutor, aunt and swim instructor. Growing up, Michelle knew she wanted to work with kids. From babysitting to coaching and teaching swim lessons, Michelle knew teaching was going to be her career path. When she was asked to join, she didn’t think twice! She feels this is a cool avenue for using her abilities as a teacher. Plus, she gets to learn about aspects of motherhood (that one day will come in handy).

Florentine Jongma-Van Manen

Florentine, who used to work in HR, is a mom of three boys. Her last job was at L’Oréal. A year after having Baby #2, she decided the long office hours were too much and she needed to work from home. She decided to pursue her passion, fashion design and started Rain Studio, a company that creates and sells raincoats. Within months, Baby #3 was on the way – and her husband announced they were moving from the Netherlands to the United States: big adjustment! However, she feels lucky to have found a great town with supportive mom friends. Meanwhile, she’s still trying to figure out the right balance between motherhood, working and having a life.


Anika Lani


Anika Lani is a mom and writer proud to call Brooklyn, New York home for most of her life. She recently developed an interest in digital content marketing. After two years of study, she is now a digital community mentor for an online education company. She has worked as a Project Coordinator and freelance writer for the past ten years with a focus on contemporary art along with fashion and beauty. Her passions though will always be raising her 17-year-old son and writing science fiction set in New York City. She has been published in magazines, blogs and Columbia University’s Journal of Literature and Art. She believes all moms deserve to see themselves not only as capable but beautiful in the mirror as well. She hopes that by working with Smart Mamas she can spread this message far and wide!

KD Diouf

KD is a single mother of three beautiful souls ranging from ages 6 to 23 years old.  She loves to see the reaction on people’s faces when she tells them that she has been birthing babies every decade of her adult life! She lives with my family in the legendary city of Brooklyn, NY where every day is an adventure.  When she is not mothering or recovering from her former life as a broadcast segment producer, she is hosting her own podcast, Sex on Sunday with KD, which focuses on sex, dating, and relationships within communities of color.