Meet the Team

Linda Vester
Linda is the mom of four children and three grown stepchildren. Previously, Linda worked as a broadcast journalist, as an anchor and correspondent at NBC News and Fox News Channel. She was a working mom with Baby #1, but when she got pregnant with #2, she decided to stay home with her kids. Baby #3 and #4 soon followed.

Since then, Linda has loved being a SAHM/WAHM. But she's pretty much fried all the time! She would go nuts without her mom-friends. This got Linda wondering: what if we make an online community of moms, so women everywhere feel supported? And that is how this website was born.
Michelle Horner
Michelle is not a mom yet; she's a school teacher, tutor, aunt and swim instructor. Growing up, Michelle knew she wanted to work with kids. From babysitting to coaching and teaching swim lessons, Michelle knew teaching was going to be her career path. When she was asked to join, she didn’t think twice! She feels this is a cool avenue for using her abilities as a teacher. Plus, she gets to learn about aspects of motherhood (that one day will come in handy).
Managing Director
Florentine Jongma-van Manen
Florentine, who used to work in HR, is a mom of three boys. Her last job was at L’Oréal. A year after having Baby #2, she decided the long office hours were too much and she needed to work from home. She decided to pursue her passion, fashion design and started Rain Studio, a company that creates and sells rain coats. Within months, Baby #3 was on the way - and her husband announced they were moving from the Netherlands to the United States: big adjustment! However, she feels lucky to have found a great town with supportive mom friends. Meanwhile, she's still trying to figure out the right balance between motherhood, working and having a life.