Make ear aches disappear


Growing up as a swimmer, I always had ear infections. Had tubes put in twice and still got ear infections! So my mom had to do something else besides amoxicillin. She used peroxide in my ear instead. It was instant relief! So, now as a mom I do the same thing. Here’s what you do: Pour a capful of peroxide into your child’s ear while they’re lying on their side, and let the peroxide settle in for 90 seconds. Rub the back of you child’s ear. Then let your child sit up, holding a tissue while excess peroxide drains out. The peroxide does bubble while in the ear, so tell your child that the “fizzing” is just the good guys getting rid of the wax. Works like a charm!

Kysa E
​Born and raised in Minnesota Kysa has always been very outgoing and ready for new adventures. Her obsession of organizing her mother's daycare and traveling lead Kysa to study interior design in NYC. Shortly after graduation she got married, and had her daughter. Kysa stayed...
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