Legal Troubles Mount For Rodan & Fields

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If you haven’t had a friend try to sell you Rodan & Fields skincare products by now, then you are one of the very, very few.

It’s fast become one of the most successful skincare lines around, but now R&F is facing at least two class-action lawsuits for failing to disclose the harmful side effects of a key ingredient in its Lash Boost eye serum, which it claims gives users “the appearance of lush, longer-looking lashes.”

The lawsuits single out the use of clorprostenate, a medication that is typically used to treat glaucoma and other eye disease. Some potential side effects to the eye include dryness, irritation, inflammation, redness and macular edema.

The latest filing alleges R&F claims that “for ‘best results,’ use Lash Boost daily for 8 weeks, which would likely require a customer to buy at least two tubes of the costly (retail price of about $150) Lash Boost and further exposing the consumer to potential serious health effects.”

The lead plain tiff in the suit, Melissa Ryan of San Diego, says that had she known about the health risks of the chemical, she would not have purchased Lash Boost or would have paid less for it.

Rodan & Fields is also facing legal action by Proctor & Gamble, who claim the multi-level marketing company infringed on its trademark Regenerist line with its serums. Rodan & Fields has vowed to fight what it calls a “baseless legal challenge from P&G.”


One answer

  1. Christine
    May 16, 2018 at 8:27 pm

    I buy R&F products from a friend in my town. I didn’t know about the Lash booster issues. Scary Stuff!

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