Keeping Your Marriage Spicy! Six Date Night “Rules” For Parents

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If you are fortunate enough to share your parental journey with a spouse, then, there have likely been many times when both of you set your own needs aside for those of your child. While that makes you an awesome parent, that neglect of your relationship doesn’t necessarily earn you a cape for being a “super spouse”. Date nights could mean the difference between a happy healthy marriage and a not-so-wonderful one.To follow are six  “rules” you may want to use to make sure that you’re maximizing those precious date night moments with your spouse.

Rule 1: Date each other before inviting other couples to join. The purpose of the night is to focus on your marriage. If other people are vying for your attention, it could take away from the original goal, which is for the two of you to spend time together. In time, going out with a group could be good for you. But try not to let the “group nights” outnumber your own date nights.

Rule 2: Be fully committed to your date nights. Once you’ve decided to spend time with your spouse, do it. It’s very easy to get into a habit of putting it off for something else. This will not help your marriage. Putting date night off actually reinforces concerns about its importance in your lives.

Rule 3: Date anytime. A date night doesn’t have to necessarily take place “at night”. If you can find time in the middle of the day for lunch or coffee together, then, go! Spontaneity adds excitement and interest to your dates, and ultimately, your marriage. Have fun with it!

Rule 4: Be open. Feeling like your relationship is in a rut can also cause you to try to date by going to the same old places and doing the same old things. Break out of that, together. Challenge each other and stretch as individuals during your moments together. By being open to new and different experiences you are telling your partner that you want to continue to grow as a person and in your relationship.

Rule 5: Compliment each other. It may sound simple, but for many this can be a bit difficult. Men and women love to feel like their partners appreciate them and admire things about them. Tell your spouse those things. Their response may surprise you.

Rule 6: Share these positive date night experiences with your children. That helps them to learn about relationships. It also makes them happy to see their parents enjoying each other and being friends. Remember, that reinforcing friendship and love in your marriage are two of the things that, even as a mom, allows you to know you’re beautiful and bring your sexy back.  And as a family allows your life together continue to flourish!



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