How to Build a Strong Mother to Son Bond

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Being a “Momma’s boy” is not a bad thing. At its very core is the acknowledgment of the deep bond that a mother can share with her son. It’s a very special connection that can be instrumental in creating a lifetime of care, mutual respect, support, and love. These are values that we all want to pass along to our children, that we hope that they find in their future companion, and that we know are necessary for a happy family and life.

As a boy grows, he can sometimes feel like he needs his mother less and less. But, as a mother, you’ll know that is generally not the case. While your son may be more independent with regard to doing things on his own, he will still need your support and, at times, reassurance that he has a strong home team in his corner. This is why it’s so important to nurture that mother-son bond.

There are some things that families can do to further strengthen the relationships between a mother and her son. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Try a new sport or an unconventional fitness class together such as yoga. Yoga can be an exceptionally great opportunity to bond as you can incorporate positions that two people can do together into your workout. Trying a new sport tells your son that you are willing to reach out to him in an arena where you can both start out on equal footing and grow together as you learn more about the different techniques of the sport. Either way, you’re sure to have tons of fun with each other.
  2. Volunteer together in an organization that you both are passionate about. Find a cause that you would like to champion as a team, and go all in with helping to forward their mission. As volunteers, you may decide to take on projects that require both of you to really work hard or go for something lighter that won’t be as time- or energy-consuming. The key with this one is that when two people share a goal, they are building their relationship through a commitment to that goal which may transcend position or titles. After you’ve put in the work, you both may feel the rewards of your altruism.
  3. Visit relatives and learn more about family history. This may be something that you can do in person or through virtual visits. An exercise like this will give you both a chance to really gain insight into your family’s history. This will allow for many conversations and positive exchanges between the two of you. The moments that you share and the information that you get could both prove priceless.
  4. Create adventures that you will share with only each other. This is an activity that can be done throughout your son’s life. As he gets older and becomes more independent, you might still keep the adventures going. The adventures could be as simple as trying a new restaurant in a strange city or seeking out museums that are off the beaten path in other countries. Whatever the two of you choose, try to make it an annual thing, possibly a little retreat, where the two of you can always reconnect and continue to strengthen your relationship.



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