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(Or as I call it, the Snot Sucker.) At some point, all of my babies have gotten colds with wickedly stuffed noses. I’m sure it has happened to your babies too. And it’s 3 am, their little nostrils are clogged beyond belief, and you’re desperate to help them breathe freely.

I’ve tried several different methods, and finally found the Graco NasalClear Nasal Aspirator to be the best for extracting mucous with minimal emotional trauma for my babies. (They’re probably going to be a little upset because first, they’re sick, and second, you’re sticking something big in their noses.)

My trick for minimizing the upset is to turn the aspirator on and play with it in front of them for a couple minutes while they get used to the sight/sound. (It makes a little whirring sound.) I show them the suction action by putting it against the palm of my hand and giggling when it makes contact. After that I gently put it in each nostril, and voila. There may be some tears, but in my experience it was quickly followed by the relief of seeing a cleared nose. (If the mucous is especially thick, try squirting a little saline nose spray in their nostrils first, then suction.)

Graco NasalClear Nasal Aspirator

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Linda is the mom of four children and three grown stepchildren. Previously, Linda worked as a broadcast journalist, as an anchor and correspondent at NBC News and Fox News Channel. She was a working mom with Baby #1, but when she got pregnant with #2, she decided to stay home...
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