Fall Activities: How to Enjoy the Magic with Your Family!

family having fun in fall leaves
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It’s official. Fall is here. The warmth from the sun and the chill in the air lets us know it’s time to get cozy and prepare for the holiday season. Magical vibes rule as babies take delight tumbling in leaf beds and teens huddle in malls finally able to wear their real school clothes as opposed to the last remnants of summer tops and jeans. Here are a few fall activities where parents and kids can hang out and enjoy the fall season together.


Apple and Pumpkin Picking: Apple picking is fun and educational. A day trip to an orchard and pumpkin patch is a great way for your family to explore and decide which they like best. You can take your pickings home to bake all kinds of delicious treats such as apple pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie and every kid’s fave, candied apples!


Family Photos and Videos: While you’re at the apple orchard or the pumpkin patch, invite a  friend or professional photographer to  take pictures of your family. Or you and your family can easily take turns snapping pics and taking videos of each other with the latest iphone and android apps. The colors of fall make the perfect backdrop! Turn those images into your family’s holiday card, checking one thing off of your December to-do list.


Leaves and Leaf Peeping: Childhood memories are made out of leaf piles! Raking and jumping into leaf piles is a great way for the entire family to have fun and clean up the yard. You can also use the leaves to make stuffed pumpkins and scarecrows. Speaking of leaves, I encourage you to take an afternoon and soak in the splendor of fall foliage. Whether your family likes to take walks, bike rides, hikes or car trips enjoy the time together marveling at what Mother Nature has to offer.


Visit the Library: The library is perfect for all seasons however leading up to the holidays it has so many amazing resources and programs. Check your local library for fun fall events and stock your family’s shelves with books and movies pertaining to fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s a great (free!) way to get into the holiday spirit.


Football Games: I have so many fond memories of going to high school football games as a child. Even if you don’t know any of the players, it’s an inexpensive way for your family to support your local schools and become involved in your community. Of course, watching professional games at the stadium or in the comfort of your own home is a great way to get everyone together too.


Halloween Campfires: Halloween is a great time to spend together as a family from costume making and parties to haunted houses and parades. Whatever your family’s level of scary is, make it a spooktacular one with a huge bonfire! Whether your campfire involves a few or many, snuggling up next to each other, roasting marshmallows, hot dogs, corn or potatoes is a great way to enjoy the chilly fall evenings.


Give Thanks: Last, but certainly not least, give thanks. Share one thing that each family member is thankful for at dinner time. You can write it down on a paper leaf and hang it on a Tree of Gratitude your family creates together. By Thanksgiving you will have an amazing decoration to share with friends and family!


Whether you choose from this list or invent activities of your own, fall is a great time for moms  and families to have a ball together!


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