Do You Prefer the Traditional Mother’s Day Gifts? Then Ask for What You Want!

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So what do you want for Mother’s day? Seriously consider your answer! Chuck the old ‘I-don’t-care, whatever-is-fine’ instant reflex. Instead, ask for what you deserve! Whether you want to plan it yourself (because as moms aren’t we ALWAYS planning something?) or you want someone else to (just not-so-subtly leave this list on the counter), here are sixteen fun ways to spend Mother’s Day this year!

Hotel – Book a hotel. You don’t have to clean, you don’t have to cook…sounds pretty perfect to me! It’s no secret that EVERY Mom could use some extra sleep. If you really want to be luxurious, go alone!

Brunch – Nothing says Mother’s Day like a mimosa…or ten! Attend a Mother’s Day brunch with your crew, but be sure to make reservations in advance. They tend to sell out quickly!

Winery – Explore a local winery. Many wineries offer free tours and tastings. We have one by us that even allows you to bring your own picnic lunch and has a field where the kiddos can run around and burn off some extra energy.

Spa – Whether you and your littles enjoy a colorful mani/pedi, you book a couple of facials or massages with your own Mom, or you just spend some quality alone time, a nice, relaxing day at the spa can be a perfect way to spend Mother’s Day.

Hike – Craving a little Vitamin D?! Spend the day outdoors hiking your favorite trails or exploring new paths.

Garden – Spend the day getting dirty. Prep and plant a flower or vegetable garden with the entire family.

Pick-Your-Own – Not sure you want the commitment of a garden at home? Visit a local farm and pick-your-own produce. Mother’s Day is the perfect time for berries. When the day is done, stuff yourself with fresh fruit or work together to create a delicious cobbler or pie. Just make sure that someone else cleans up!.

Farmers’ Market – Sunday is a great day for Farmers’ markets and Mother’s Day is no exception. Treat yourself to fresh vegetables, local favorites and maybe even a bouquet of flowers!

Picnic – Picnics are a great, inexpensive way to spend Mother’s Day. Pack your favorite lunch (I won’t tell if you buy a prepared meal at the grocery store), grab a blanket, a frisbee, and head to the park!

Tea House – Perhaps you’re craving something a bit more refined? Reserve a spot for a Mother’s Day Tea. Dress up in your “Sunday Best” and practice holding your cup with your pinky out. Eat teeny tiny sandwiches. Be treated like the queen you know you are!

Movies – Mother’s Day is a great day to splurge! Go to the theatre, order popcorn AND candy. Sit back, relax and watch the latest RomCom or whatever your pleasure may be.

Absolutely Nothing – You read that right…absolutely nothing!! Moms NEVER quit. They are go, go, go 24/7. So, if you want to sit around and do NOTHING all day, that is perfectly acceptable too. It’s Mother’s Day after all!



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