Dino-sports series

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Dino-sports series (4-8 years)
My kindergarten son homed right in on these in his school library. The section may as well be labeled, “For Reed” as “Picture Books-Sports”. I’m someone who didn’t understand the charm or anything else about Goodnight, Moon. (Maybe because I translated picture books into Mandarin on the fly; it’s even less comprehensible in not-English). So I’m picky about children’s books. I enjoy Mo Willems (the animals more than the stuffed ones), Maurice Sendak and love Kate DiCamillo. After my son brought home Dino-Football, I wanted more athletic dinos, too. The rhyming is snappy and the action is exciting. Barry Gott’s illustrations are vivid and stand on their own to explore. There are at least six other books and they cover nationally popular sports. Junior dinophiles will appreciate that Lisa Wheeler uses full dinosaur names and factual references. Sports fans will likewise recognize real teams, plays and terms. All of this is done in a way that entertains those who are neither.

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