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cera ve
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I had to be reminded the brutal way that I have sensitive skin plus eczema. I was recently forced into a Duane Reade skin regimen during a bad allergic reaction to something that I used on my skin. This was not funny and ironic, since I’m a health store, “clean” snob. While I was flaking, flaring and brittle, dermatologists urged me to use only a few brands, including Cera Ve. Anything for the skin that is white and creamy has chemicals to make it so. The farther you get from body oil consistency, the more chemicals have altered the product, leading to greasiness. Accepting that, there are brands, like Cera Ve and Dove, that don’t use common allergens. I now apply Cera Ve SA Cream, like WD-40 for the house, to my kids’ eczema spots. It works better than just a lubricant, like Aquaphor. Cera Ve is smart in getting into the fountain of youth game; they have new anti-aging creams, which I’m using. Human nature is a ridiculous thing.

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