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woman wearing L’Oreal Age Perfect BB Cream

L’Oreal Age Perfect BB Cream

I am deeply skeptical about most beauty products and have only found a handful  that truly work for my fair, dry, middle-aged skin. So when BB creams first hit the…

mom self care products

Personal Care Faves

Here are top 5 things our mom friends say they can’t live without. What’s your favorite product? 1: earrings 2: fancy candles 3: chocolate 4: lip gloss 5: body moisturizer 

Drug Store Makeup Faves

Before kids, one of my most guilty pleasures was high-end makeup and beauty products. It started when I was a young girl, too young to wear makeup. I vividly remember…


Studio 35 Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream

When my favorite skin care line decided to go all “Vogue” on me, I thought I’d lose my mind. For the past 11 years, I’ve used a wonderful Alpha Hydroxy…

cera ve

Cera Ve

I had to be reminded the brutal way that I have sensitive skin plus eczema. I was recently forced into a Duane Reade skin regimen during a bad allergic reaction…