Boogie Board-Writing Tablet

writing tablet for kids
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I first bought this writing tablet at a toy store and thought I would give it a try for my three young kids. The Boogie Board is small LCD writing tablet that comes with a stylus. With just  push of a button you can clear the board immediately. I found this to be a good tool to explain math equations, practice writing or simply just for fun! The size and thinness of it also make it fun surface to bring along in your bag for a restaurant game of tic tac toe, in the car or even traveling. If you lose your stylus, don’t worry — because anything works when you press on the board… a toothpick, pen or any hard edge. This also gives the kids a good sensory experience.  Nothing beats a gadget that promotes hand coordination for kids these days. And with a price tag of about $20.00 it makes a great gift for any boy or girl! –Alexandra L.


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