Baby Beach Essentials

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15 Beach Baby Essentials

The beach has always been my happy place. I’ve spent long days on the beach with my parents, making memories on the Jersey shore.

It was only a matter of time before our baby girl turned into a beach baby herself. She’ll be 4 in September and now that we’ve relocated just 8 minutes from the ocean, the salt air is a big part of her life. Of course, before we got to the point where we had beach-packing down to a science, we looked like John Candy in “Summer Rental”.

Looking back at our first beach outing, it was pretty comical. I packed a lot of unnecessary stuff. I was still nursing so my boobs were leaking through my bathing suit. There was sand on everything. The day was just way too much work and almost turned me off of ever attempting another beach trip with baby.

But as time went on, we learned. The trips became much easier. Here are the items  we found that now make each trip a breeze!

 1. Pop Up Tent

The first year we went to the beach with our baby she napped in there every. single. trip. You just “pop” it open and fill the sides with sand to weigh them down so the wind doesn’t blow the tent away. No annoying assembly. No carrying a big and bulky tent bag. The tent comes with a relatively small circle carrying bag.


2. Beach Blanket with Stakes

This blanket is a beach game changer for me to this day. Having a blanket that cannot move from wind, a crawling baby, and playing is just one less thing you have to worry about when you have a baby on the beach. Baby can sit on the blanket with an umbrella over him/her while playing and it isn’t going to move.

3. Clip on Fan

On those really hot days, babies can work up quite the sweat. A clip on fan is a great option to either attach to the Pop Up Tent while they are napping or clip onto the car seat if you’re bringing it onto the beach.

4. Small Baby Pool

Babies are too little to be sitting at the ocean’s edge for long periods of time. By bringing one of these really small 1 ring baby pools and filling it with a bit of ocean water and some toys you can occupy your baby for quite some time!

5. Two extra bathing suits

Because goodness knows what can happen on a long beach day.

6. Reusable swim diapers

From experience, disposable swim diapers do not hold a lot of liquid. Reusable swim diapers end up being less expensive, contain more mess, and come in the most adorable designs. Even Babies R Us carries them now!

7. EWG approved sunscreen

EWG is a fantastic website that rates all body products available on the market and their toxicity. We LOVE Blue Lizard Sunscreen and have been using it for a while now. I hear a lot of people say they love Thinkbaby too. There is even an EWG Amazon store for you to easily purchase approved sunscreens!

8. Extra Towels

Just throw a bunch in your bag. You’ll need them for diaper changing, laying down in the Pop Up Tent, drying baby off when they’re wet, a pillow when laying down, etc.

9. Two outfits (or just onesies)

To change into in case their bathing suit is soaking wet from being in their baby pool and its nap time, and another for the ride home.

10. Sand-Off Glove

When I was a baby, my mom would sprinkle powder all over me and wipe the sand off with a beach towel. She was so upset when she saw this new invention because she didn’t create it herself. Baby powder is magical when it comes to removing sand. The sand off glove just makes the whole process that much easier! Just put it on your hand and wipe the sand right off.

11. Travel Bottle Warmer

While bringing bottles to the beach may sound like a hassle this bottle warmer made everything that much easier. I swear you could leave boiling water in it overnight and it would still be hot. With the Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle Warmer, you pour the water into the included frosted container and warm the bottle in a flash.

12. Aden + Anais blankets

These blankets have to be made from clouds. They are the softest, most breathable blankets ever. They’re great for nap time on the beach and when nursing if you want some privacy. They are so lightweight and breathable that you’ll never want to use another blanket for your babe in the summer heat.

13. Baby Hat

These were my favorite when our tiny lady was on the beach. It covered her ears and neck so I didn’t have to constantly worry about reapplying sunscreen to those delicate areas. They come in so many colors too!

14. Wet Bag

You’ll need something to put the wet suit in that your babe has changed out of. Reusing a plastic grocery bag was always the trick for me (we use the same kind of bag for garbage!).

15. Wonder Wheeler

If I had a dollar for every time my father has said he wishes the Wonder Wheeler existed when I was little, I’d be rich. Literally, you just take every single item you have packed into your trunk and put it in and on this contraption. It is a miracle worker. You can even hang your beach chairs on it. Once it’s all loaded, just wheel it onto the beach and unload. You do not have to carry a single item!


With the right essentials, a day at the beach can be a breeze with your baby! Make sure you relax and take it all in. After all, how lucky are you to spend a beautiful day on the beach with your family?

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