Avoid Spoiling the Kids Too Much during Christmas

child among abundant christmas gifts
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The magic of Christmas is in the air, and as parents, let’s admit that we can get a bit carried away! I’ve been there. But, I’ve learned not to lose focus and go absolutely bankrupt once December rolls around. After all, the true meaning of Christmas tends to get lost in the shuffle of lights, carols, and wrapping paper. How can you not spoil your kids too much at Christmas time? Read on to find out!

Budgeting: Set a budget and actually stick to it! Once you approach your amount, hide the credit cards and toss the flyers–no need to keep shopping for sales.

Have a 5 present limit.This is especially important for very young babies, who don’t even really know what’s going on just yet.

Teach Selflessness: Stress the importance of how lucky your children are, and take them shopping to buy some presents for a family in need. Get the one thing from their wish list that they’ll love-not everything. It’s ok for kids to get their hopes up for something, and not always get it. This teaches them a valuable lesson about life. Not everything is always going to be as perfect as they expect.

Community Volunteering: In addition to giving a needy family some gifts, volunteer with your children at a hospital, community center, or soup kitchen so they can get in the spirit of giving, and not so much receiving.

For most kids, getting presents is understandably sweet! Kids also need a lot of love. And, love is totally free. Give your kids this best gift of all by teaching them lessons of caring and gratitude, the true spirit of Christmas.

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