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Heather A is a mom, wife, and teacher. She resides in Pennsylvania and has taught elementary school for over a decade. In addition to teaching, Heather is a published writer and she enjoys creating articles for parents that are helpful and informative throughout all child developmental stages.

Tips to Improve Fertility

Have you been trying for more than six months with no results? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, I learned that getting pregnant is way harder for many people…

children making friends

How to Help Your Kids Make Friends

You would think now that the world’s gone digital and kids post puppy filter photos of each other on Snapchat from anywhere, at any time, worrying about your child’s social…

homesick camper in bunk bed

Homesick Child at Camp

How to Deal With a Homesick Child Is your kiddo homesick at their sleep away camp? As a parent, it can feel pretty awful to hear them crying over the…

baby swaddled in a blanket

To Swaddle or Not to Swaddle

To Swaddle or Not To Swaddle Getting my son to sleep was one of my biggest concerns the first few months of his life. I needed sleep for our sanity,…