About Us

We are an online community of women all across North America, raising children of all ages. Our core team has known each other for years, helping each other through pretty much everything: illness, money woes, relationship challenges, barfing babies, terrible twos, snarky teens. You name it!

We’re all different, but we have a few things in common: cellulite, stretch marks, even — gasp — our first wrinkles. We feel exhausted pretty much all the time! We love our families… and yet sometimes we feel like we’re on the edge of insanity.

We are not super-moms or celebrities. We’re just gals who have been around the track a bit and learned a few tricks along the way. We want to bring women together so we can all share advice, support and humor. Together we can survive this long, crazy ride called motherhood with our sense of humor intact!

Your Go-To Website

We, the Smart Mamas core team, found ourselves longing for a mom website we could truly trust. A place that wasn’t trying to sell us stuff or spread negativity. So we decided to create one ourselves! An online community that’s honest and genuine.

We have carefully assembled a broad team of writers, contributors and editors who come from all walks of life and represent a diverse range of backgrounds and circumstances. (And yes, we’re always on the lookout for more contributors!)

We believe every woman has a voice and a worthy perspective on motherhood — and that we all deserve to nurture ourselves along the way. Mommin’ is a marathon, not a sprint! Take care of your precious self. Come on in and join our community. Look around our site and find the things that make you feel uplifted and helped. No one alone has motherhood all figured out — BUT — when we help each other, that makes all of us Smart Mamas!

Our Mission

As moms, we want to create a website that’s honest and genuine, that serves women of all ethnicities and backgrounds. We are about supporting each other, not judging; we are about helping each other laugh on days when mothering can be tough. We are about sharing information. When we help each other, that makes us all…Smart Mamas!