Holidays Away From My Airman


When married to someone in the military you can have some great times. I have to say though that the hardest times are when my husband is gone for the Holidays. I feel torn and sad for our kids because they always want to know when he’s coming home or if he’ll be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas..


For the past three or so years we’ve been fortunate enough to have him home for both holidays. In the past our family has been so used to him being gone. When October comes around we’re always on edge because we still don’t know if he’s going to be deployed and for how long.


Calming the Kids: When it comes to deployments and other things like temporary assignments, I have to make sure that I keep the boys calm and cool. They cry a lot and they wonder when their dad will be home even though they can talk to him on Oovoo and skype. They sometimes have a difficult time understanding why their dad is away so much.  They ask me all kinds of questions about when their dad is coming home. I make sure to let them know that daddy is safe and that he’ll always call. Even though it’s the best we’ve got no one likes a Christmas when their dad has to watch the kids open gifts through the computer. We always have to position the computer just right so they can show off what they got. I just sink down in my seat but keep a positive attitude and smile because it helps keep the kids happy.


Thanksgiving Dinner: I tend to make sure my kids have a great Thanksgiving even without their dad. We have turkey and all the trimmings. We try not to notice the empty seat at the table if he happens to be deployed. What I try not to show to my kids, at least during the actual holiday, is how I’m constantly worried about my husband. I try to keep the mood as cheerful and positive as possible (this is always the case, lol). I always reinforce to my kids that no matter what their father is coming home safe.

When it comes to my husband being away for the Holidays I try and  keep the kids in good spirits until he returns home. I have to say that sometimes it’s much easier said than done! Luckily, everything tends to work out for the best. I still worry about him and the things that can happen while he’s gone. I’m proud of him, though, in every way because he decided to take on a huge job of protecting more than just his family.


Lakeyia L
As a mother to two energetic boys, Lakeyia has plenty of excitement running through her home. She's hardworking, a fast learner and very easy to get along with. She is not just a mom but a military spouse as well and takes pride when it comes to her husband's service. She is...
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